About Michael


Like a great wine or pungent kimchee, if it hasn’t spoiled (oh God please, no), what emerges from the dark cellars is a product far beyond what went into the bottle or cask.

Is that too over-the-top? Yeah, probably, but for a guy who got his degree in theater, then veered for 20 years  into a career as a classically trained French Pastry chef, then in inimitable  (some say schizophrenic) fashion became an IT director (for another 20 years), before hanging his shingle out as a voiceover artist, maybe not.

I have completed extensive professional voiceover training with Rob Holt, Sharon Geller and Neil Hartley at VoiceBox  in Philadelphia.

With a voice honed with decades of public speaking ( as a small-time politician), singing as a member of a folk duo (The Jew and the Pastry Chef), the odd poetry reading and radio drama, I come now to the world of voiceover and voice acting with the excitement and energy of  the reborn, but with the professionalism, easy-goingness  and work ethic that only maturity brings.

When you need a voice of resonance and authority,  with depth and character and agility, combined with warmth, great communication and the  the ability to hone and sculpt the very finest product, then come a- callin”!

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