• Tonging – A Radio Play

    • An amateur radio-play production by Richard Metz and GTown Radio of the first chapter of Moment of Decision. Performed live, Wed. June 29, 2016 in Germantown, PA. Click here for the podcast.
  • Moment of Decision (in progress)

    • Gareth Hammett, son of a Chesapeake oysterman, and Senator Tawes, point man for the President’s new Energy bill, are on a collision course.  Their lives hang in the balance.
      When big money and the politics of oil invade a dying culture’s last bastion, a young outcast is embroiled in the hydra-headed conflict between the world he rejected and a corrupt politics which threatens the beloved natural world of his homeland. Scarred by violence, whipsawed by riptides of identity and culture, Gareth is propelled by a restless spirit, aching loss and the revolutionary winds of the day. These swirling currents, atop the undertow of a fractured relationship with his father, lead him to a fevered decision.  Assassinate the Senator.
      Secret Indian burial grounds, mysterious earthquakes, a dark romance and ancient prophecies are woven in a richly layered, cinematic tale of personal redemption, political intrigue and the transformation of traditional culture.


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